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New Show // Seth Clark

10 Jan

Seth Clark moved to Pittsburgh after graduating from RISD, and the rust-belt city has been a constant source of inspiration. Houses and buildings, mostly dilapidated ones in various states of disrepair, are the subject of Clark’s mixed-media work which include vintage and discarded materials like sheet music and envelopes.

As a lover of house-art, I particularly enjoy Seth’s work for it’s complexity and overarching theme of impermanence.

City Study I, $200.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I grew up in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Seekonk is a little town close to the Rhode Island border–about a fifteen minute drive to Providence where I went to college. After graduating in 2008 I moved to Pittsburgh and have lived here ever since. I think Pittsburgh is a great city for young creatives. The cheap cost of living here has really afforded me the time to focus on my work.

Detail of City Study I

.Tell us a bit about the work in this show.

Process wise, my work starts with a collaged “under-painting.” I like to use insides of envelopes, old drawings, found scraps, sheet music, receipts, letters, photos… almost any type of flat, vintage ephemera I can find. I try to be as gestural and haphazard with this initial process as possible. As I continue the collage, a dimensional foundation is revealed. I’ll sand down the many different surfaces and use a medley of charcoal, pastel, ink, acrylic and graphite to bring definition to the subject. On most pieces I go back-and-forth between drawing and collage, covering and uncovering previous layers.

All of the studies in this show incorporate this process and are informed by deteriorating architecture. The aesthetics of collapsing barns, worn down walls, and abandoned homes have always been very attractive to me.

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