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New Show // Greg Hart

20 Dec

Greg Hart is a talented portraitist whose work explores unknown people across American history. Hart’s subjects are mostly found in photographs from the late 1800s yet his expressive, street-art-inspired paintings create a strong feeling of connection between the subject and viewer. This week Hart presents six portraits of Civil War soldiers on Buy Some Damn Art!

Bandage, $275.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

Born in Greenville, SC and I currently live in Charleston, SC.


Is geography something you think about when it comes to your identity (i.e. do you think of yourself as a “Southern artist”?)

I lost my Southern accent in college – possibly by watching tons of movies – not sure how it happened but it’s gone. Lately I’ve been returning to my roots through alt country music and Appalachian literature. It was important that I discover the South in my own way – not just through fried food, grits, or college football (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m Southern like Hunter S. Thompson not Paula Deen.

Who are the people in your portraits? How do you pick them?

Rummaging. I scour online archives for a face that grabs me. The less I know about the person the better, at least for the purpose of this particular body of work. I don’t want to judge them by words but by the look on their face and the emotional weight that emits from the image – it’s like reading palms or auras. The six pieces in this show are soldiers from the Civil War.

Escape, $275.

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