New Show // Rebeca Raney

15 Dec

Rebeca Raney’s wonderful series Flower Power is now featured on Buy Some Damn Art! The six pieces Rebeca created for the site are a mix of her quick ink drawings and more laborious work in color (Rebeca LOVES COLOR!).

Rebeca’s dedication to finding beauty and the innocent yet at times frenetic energy found in her work remind me of the Japanese artists Murakami and Nara. The artist Q/A follows below.

Flower Power 2, 3, 5 & 6.

Where are you from and were do you live currently?

I am from Miami, Florida a wonderful place to grow up. I live in New York City and my studio is in Brooklyn.

Tell us a bit about the work in this show.

These are flower drawings that I started making this Fall. The black ink stage goes really fast and the colored gouache part is really slow. It’s kind of like painting fingernails. You have to be really careful to get a nice velvety, flat surface.  I think of these invented flowers as being decorative and joyful. A tremendous amount of care goes into them.

Flower Power 5. $275.

 You have very specific materials that you swear by. what are they and why are you so loyal to them?

I only use Rives printmaking paper. It’s very thick, can get very wet, and doesn’t crumple easily. You can run around with a sheet of it and not worry about wrecking it. Prismacolor colored pencils are the pencils I had when I was little. I’m nostalgic for them but they are also the best pencils. I started a letter writing campaign when they discontinued their neon pencils to no avail. For neon colored pencils, I now use Lyra. I use Higgins Engrossing ink because it doesn’t melt away with water and the ink sits on the paper instead of soaking in. Continue reading


Preview // Rebeca Raney

14 Dec

I can’t get over Rebeca Raney’s Flower Power series and am so damn excited to have it debut on Buy Some Damn Art (pun intended). The drawings are really out of this world! These two pieces, part of a series of six, will be available tomorrow at noon.


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New Show // Sarah Williamson

13 Dec

Sarah Williamson’s show on BSDA just launched! I’m psyched to have Sarah on Buy Some Damn Art because her work rocks but also because she has become a friend. (I met Sarah soon after she moved to Brooklyn last summer.)

Sarah has an amazingly relaxed attitude about her work. Yes, she works hard and takes herself seriously as an artist, but as she says in the interview, a sense of humour is always part of the mix.

Pebble Island, $200.

Where are you from and where do you live currently? 

I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I currently live in Brooklyn.
A scene in Brooklyn by Williamson.

You used to live in LA. Was it a bit of a culture shock moving to Brooklyn?

No not really because I grew up in Milwaukee. Brooklyn kind of physically reminds me of Milwaukee … concrete, bricks, neighborhoods, working class people, seasons, etc.  And people, well people are pretty much the same every where you go.

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Preview // Sarah Williamson

11 Dec

This week I am stoked to have two awesome shows launching – Sarah Williamson on Tuesday and Rebeca Raney on Thursday! Sarah and Rebeca are both SUPER awesome, crazy talented Brooklyn-based artists.

To give you a taste, here are three pieces that will be in Sarah’s show.


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Preview // Greg Hart’s January Show

9 Dec

Greg Hart (who I featured on Art Hound in June) is bringing his heady, enigmatic portraits to Buy Some Damn Art this January. These three pieces will be included in the show. Lucky us!


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New Show // Stephanie Chambers

7 Dec

Stephanie Chambers is a Brooklyn-based RISD grad who’s our featured artist this week on Buy Some Damn Art. Recently Stephanie took a hiatus from New York and decamped to San Francisco during which she created these pieces for BSDA. One of my favorite things about her work is that what appears playful at first reveals itself to be much more profound. The artist has a gift for channeling very human experiences and emotions through the animals that appear in her work.



Where are you from and were do you currently live?

I’m originally from Garden City, New York (Long Island) and currently live in Brooklyn, New York, but I’ve spent the past few months making art and living in San Francisco, CA.

In an alternate life you would live in ________ and work as a _________.

Melbourne, Australia. Painter.

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Etsy Holiday Gift Guide // Pennyweight

3 Dec

Pennyweight is a favorite blog of mine; founder Elise Yetton has impeccable taste and I never tire of seeing her picks. Elise’s holiday gift guide is current featured on Etsy and DAMN is it pretty.