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New Show // Seth Clark

10 Jan

Seth Clark moved to Pittsburgh after graduating from RISD, and the rust-belt city has been a constant source of inspiration. Houses and buildings, mostly dilapidated ones in various states of disrepair, are the subject of Clark’s mixed-media work which include vintage and discarded materials like sheet music and envelopes.

As a lover of house-art, I particularly enjoy Seth’s work for it’s complexity and overarching theme of impermanence.

City Study I, $200.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

I grew up in Seekonk, Massachusetts. Seekonk is a little town close to the Rhode Island border–about a fifteen minute drive to Providence where I went to college. After graduating in 2008 I moved to Pittsburgh and have lived here ever since. I think Pittsburgh is a great city for young creatives. The cheap cost of living here has really afforded me the time to focus on my work.

Detail of City Study I

.Tell us a bit about the work in this show.

Process wise, my work starts with a collaged “under-painting.” I like to use insides of envelopes, old drawings, found scraps, sheet music, receipts, letters, photos… almost any type of flat, vintage ephemera I can find. I try to be as gestural and haphazard with this initial process as possible. As I continue the collage, a dimensional foundation is revealed. I’ll sand down the many different surfaces and use a medley of charcoal, pastel, ink, acrylic and graphite to bring definition to the subject. On most pieces I go back-and-forth between drawing and collage, covering and uncovering previous layers.

All of the studies in this show incorporate this process and are informed by deteriorating architecture. The aesthetics of collapsing barns, worn down walls, and abandoned homes have always been very attractive to me.

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New Show // Greg Hart

20 Dec

Greg Hart is a talented portraitist whose work explores unknown people across American history. Hart’s subjects are mostly found in photographs from the late 1800s yet his expressive, street-art-inspired paintings create a strong feeling of connection between the subject and viewer. This week Hart presents six portraits of Civil War soldiers on Buy Some Damn Art!

Bandage, $275.

Where are you from and where do you currently live?

Born in Greenville, SC and I currently live in Charleston, SC.


Is geography something you think about when it comes to your identity (i.e. do you think of yourself as a “Southern artist”?)

I lost my Southern accent in college – possibly by watching tons of movies – not sure how it happened but it’s gone. Lately I’ve been returning to my roots through alt country music and Appalachian literature. It was important that I discover the South in my own way – not just through fried food, grits, or college football (not that there’s anything wrong with that). I’m Southern like Hunter S. Thompson not Paula Deen.

Who are the people in your portraits? How do you pick them?

Rummaging. I scour online archives for a face that grabs me. The less I know about the person the better, at least for the purpose of this particular body of work. I don’t want to judge them by words but by the look on their face and the emotional weight that emits from the image – it’s like reading palms or auras. The six pieces in this show are soldiers from the Civil War.

Escape, $275.

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New Show // Rebeca Raney

15 Dec

Rebeca Raney’s wonderful series Flower Power is now featured on Buy Some Damn Art! The six pieces Rebeca created for the site are a mix of her quick ink drawings and more laborious work in color (Rebeca LOVES COLOR!).

Rebeca’s dedication to finding beauty and the innocent yet at times frenetic energy found in her work remind me of the Japanese artists Murakami and Nara. The artist Q/A follows below.

Flower Power 2, 3, 5 & 6.

Where are you from and were do you live currently?

I am from Miami, Florida a wonderful place to grow up. I live in New York City and my studio is in Brooklyn.

Tell us a bit about the work in this show.

These are flower drawings that I started making this Fall. The black ink stage goes really fast and the colored gouache part is really slow. It’s kind of like painting fingernails. You have to be really careful to get a nice velvety, flat surface.  I think of these invented flowers as being decorative and joyful. A tremendous amount of care goes into them.

Flower Power 5. $275.

 You have very specific materials that you swear by. what are they and why are you so loyal to them?

I only use Rives printmaking paper. It’s very thick, can get very wet, and doesn’t crumple easily. You can run around with a sheet of it and not worry about wrecking it. Prismacolor colored pencils are the pencils I had when I was little. I’m nostalgic for them but they are also the best pencils. I started a letter writing campaign when they discontinued their neon pencils to no avail. For neon colored pencils, I now use Lyra. I use Higgins Engrossing ink because it doesn’t melt away with water and the ink sits on the paper instead of soaking in. Continue reading

New Show // Sarah Williamson

13 Dec

Sarah Williamson’s show on BSDA just launched! I’m psyched to have Sarah on Buy Some Damn Art because her work rocks but also because she has become a friend. (I met Sarah soon after she moved to Brooklyn last summer.)

Sarah has an amazingly relaxed attitude about her work. Yes, she works hard and takes herself seriously as an artist, but as she says in the interview, a sense of humour is always part of the mix.

Pebble Island, $200.

Where are you from and where do you live currently? 

I’m from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and I currently live in Brooklyn.
A scene in Brooklyn by Williamson.

You used to live in LA. Was it a bit of a culture shock moving to Brooklyn?

No not really because I grew up in Milwaukee. Brooklyn kind of physically reminds me of Milwaukee … concrete, bricks, neighborhoods, working class people, seasons, etc.  And people, well people are pretty much the same every where you go.

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New Show // Stephanie Chambers

7 Dec

Stephanie Chambers is a Brooklyn-based RISD grad who’s our featured artist this week on Buy Some Damn Art. Recently Stephanie took a hiatus from New York and decamped to San Francisco during which she created these pieces for BSDA. One of my favorite things about her work is that what appears playful at first reveals itself to be much more profound. The artist has a gift for channeling very human experiences and emotions through the animals that appear in her work.



Where are you from and were do you currently live?

I’m originally from Garden City, New York (Long Island) and currently live in Brooklyn, New York, but I’ve spent the past few months making art and living in San Francisco, CA.

In an alternate life you would live in ________ and work as a _________.

Melbourne, Australia. Painter.

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New Show // Jennifer Davis

30 Nov

Jennifer Davis is an artist I’ve followed pretty much from day 1. The Minnesota born and based artist is celebrated for her love of bright color, flat graphic treatment and quirky creatures. I love each and every piece in this show! Below, Jennifer shares a bit about herself.

Where are you from and where do you currently live? I have lived in Minnesota my whole life. I currently live in Minneapolis.

Your work is infused with bright and cheerful color. What draws you to those shades? I’m not sure. I get completely addicted to certain colors and use them over and over in every possible combination I can think of until I get sick of them and move on to new ones. In general, I like soft pastel colors with pops of brights/blacks. I enjoy the play of softer colors against a moody or dark undertone of the subject matter.

What’s your favorite thing to cook or bake? (Not exactly cooking or baking but) I have recently learned how to make fresh spring rolls. The key is to remember they are not burritos so you have go easy on the fillings. Fresh mint is crucial.

New Show // Tyson Anthony Roberts & Joana Chavez

22 Nov

Husband and wife team Tyson Anthony Roberts & Joana Chavez’s mixed media work is featured this week on Buy Some Damn Art. The couple’s Q/A follows:

Where are you from and where do you live currently?
We are both from Sacramento, CA and we recently moved back to the area after a stint in Seattle, WA.

When did you first collaborate as a couple?
Our first collaborative project was OCTOCHAIR! In 2008 we bought an IKEA lounge chair to experiment on. We painted it a coral red and stitched the cushions with octopus tentacles.

Tell us about the work in this show.
The works in this show were all made using canvas, acrylic, crayon, sharpies and thread. We started with un-stretched canvas, painted the background color with acrylic paint and applied crayon markings. Joana then hand-stitched selected areas to give the overall piece a textured look. Lastly, we balanced everything by shading areas with colored sharpie fine point markers.