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Preview // Lulie wallace

15 Jan

Curious who’ll be showing on BSDA next? It’s Lulie Wallace! Here’s a preview of what you’ll find on the site Tuesday afternoon:



All six pieces will be priced affordably at $200.


Preview // Rebeca Raney

14 Dec

I can’t get over Rebeca Raney’s Flower Power series and am so damn excited to have it debut on Buy Some Damn Art (pun intended). The drawings are really out of this world! These two pieces, part of a series of six, will be available tomorrow at noon.


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Preview // Sarah Williamson

11 Dec

This week I am stoked to have two awesome shows launching – Sarah Williamson on Tuesday and Rebeca Raney on Thursday! Sarah and Rebeca are both SUPER awesome, crazy talented Brooklyn-based artists.

To give you a taste, here are three pieces that will be in Sarah’s show.


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Preview // Greg Hart’s January Show

9 Dec

Greg Hart (who I featured on Art Hound in June) is bringing his heady, enigmatic portraits to Buy Some Damn Art this January. These three pieces will be included in the show. Lucky us!


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New Show // Rachel Sitkin

1 Dec

Miami, AZ, $350.

Where are you from and were do you live currently?

I grew up outside Philadelphia, but I have lived in Baltimore on and off for the last 12 years.

Where are the landscapes you paint? How do you select them?

I have two bodies of work building right now. The first is a series on surface mines in West Virginia and Arizona. I first chose to visit mountain top removal coal mines in West Virginia because I was interested in the subject of surface mining as a metaphor for the relationship between humans and our environment. The coal mines in WV supply electric power to Baltimore, and so I went there to see first-hand the results of my own personal power usage. In 2010 I received a small grant to go to Arizona to visit several copper mines in the state, some of the largest in the world.
The second body of work is a new series on the disparate vantage points and incorporation of the landscape into the residential architecture of the wealthy versus the poor. I began this series while in living in Peru last year. I had intended to continue my work on surface mines in Peru, but it was difficult to get permission to visit most of the gold and silver mines there. However, I found the contrast between the traditional and contemporary inhabited landscapes.

Preview // Rachel Sitkin

30 Nov

Here’s a shot from inside Rachel’s studio. You may recognize her painting, Mined Canyon (bottom right) as it was featured on Design*Sponge when BSDA launched. It’s a gorgeous piece and so are the others!

Turkey, Pie, and ART!

25 Nov

Yum. Enjoy your Thanksgiving and a treat from Buy Some Damn Art!