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Jennifer Davis in Bike Art

11 Jan

BSDA artist Jennifer Davis is in Kiriakos Iosifidis’s book Bike Art * Bicycles in Art Around The World. What a cool concept for an art book!





Print Guide // Catherine Green of Wolfeyebrows

21 Dec

Catherine Green has a wonderful print guide on her blog Wolfeyebrows which includes work by three BSDA artists: Becca Stadlander, Alan Brown and Yelena Brykesenkova. The other artists in the guide are also awesome and include Clare Owen, Carson Ellis and Lizzy Stewart.

(image from Wolfeyebrows)

Katy Horan // Narwhal

22 Nov

Katy Horan, who’s showing with us on BSDA in early 2012, is in a really awesome looking show at Narwhal in Toronto called Three Knocks with Adrienne Kammerer and Jamiyla Lowe. The show’s theme is darkness and despair, translated through monochromatic work peppered with antiquated practices and folklore.

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Sarah Williamson // New York Times

21 Nov

At Thanksgiving, No Turkey by Mark Bittman. Look for Sarah’s work on Buy Some Damn Art later this fall.